Pet food, care products, accessories & supplies

Nutrition and Care Products for Small Animals

All our small animal food is sold in bags from 2kg-20kg and we have many products sold loose by kilo

We bag our own straw, shavings and hay, with prices from only £1, these are all available in bales and of course we have small bags of cotton-wool and shredded paper for the little pets and special reptile bedding. Browse amongst the various treats and toys where you will also find bowls, bottles, harnesses and all sorts of other goodies.

Rabbit Hutches – We have budget & premium quality hutches and arks at reasonable prices. Also runs, pens and chicken coops.

We stock a variety of health and hygenie products

. Where possible we try to buy in on special deals, so the prices may differ from time to time, but we always offer the best value.

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Guinea Pig

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