Pet food, care products, accessories & supplies

Nutrition and Care Products for Reptiles


We sell live pre-packed foods and also frozen mice, chicks and rats.

We also stock a selection of accessories.

 Where possible we try to buy in on special deals, so the prices may differ from time to time, but we always offer excellent value.

Below is a selection from our accessories range.

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Frozen Food Size/Qty Price
Rats POA
Mice POA
Chicks POA
Live Food
Fruit Beetle Grubs £3.25
Morio's £2.50
Waxworms £2.50
Mealworms £2.50
Crickets £2.50
Locusts £2.50
Reptile Misc.
Repti sun 10.0 uvb 18w £24.25
Zoo rep humidity gauge £8.60
Zoo rep thermometer £5.80
Pro rep viv lock £5.50
Jelly Pots £1.00
flower mix 50g £3.80
Nutrobal calcium balancer + multi vit £5.25
Repashy meal replacement powder £10.40
Pro rep Bug grub £3.10
Pro rep Bug Gel £3.10
Pro rep Tortoise food 500g £7.30
Ministat 300 £35.99
Pro rep basking spot lamp 40w £3.75
Pro rep basking spot lamp 60w £3.75
Po Rep basking spot lamp 100w £3.75
Pro Rep red night spot lamp 40w £4.20
Pro Rep red night spot lamp 60w £4.20
Pro Rep red night spot lamp 100w £4.65
Pro rep heatmat and heat strip £14.95
Live food care kit £13.99
Pro rep live moss £4.95
Exo Terra reptile cave large £9.80
Exo Terra reptile cave medium £7.70
Exo Terra reptile cave small £5.40
Beech chips 10L £5.90
Bark chips 10L £5.90
Aspen bedding 5L £3.75
Straw bedding 5L £3.99
Desert sand 5kg £6.55
Calci sand 5kg £6.35
!!NEW!! Reptile Accessories POA

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