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Nutrition and Care Products for Horses

We are keen horselovers and showjumpers and keep 6 horses at Camelot. Pictured is Nelson who is possibly the worlds friendliest horse. He is always in the small paddock adjacent to the car park and is our 'meeter and greeter'. He already has his own fan club. He particularly loves children, his favourite colour is green and his favourite foods are polo's and carrots! 

There are a range of horse feeds available including Dengie, Dodson and Horrell, Spillers, Allen and Page, Honeychop, Pure, Baileys, Hilight

We also stock salt and vitamin licks, haynets, ropes, grooming equipment and vet supplies.

A large range of supplements are available to order upon request.

Below is a section from our equestrian range of feeds and accessories. Where possible we try to buy in on special deals, so the prices may differ from time to time, but these are the basic prices.

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Horse Bedding Size/Qty Price
Camelot Woodshavings(Dust extracted) 20kg £7.50
Straw Bale £3.25
Horse Feeds
Hay Bale £5.50
Haylage 30kg £8.00
Flaked Barley £8.40
Flaked Maize £9.60
Rolled Oats £7.00
Grass Nuts £9.35
Broad Bran £8.00
Beet Pulp Nuts £7.60
Speedibeet £11.35
Honeychop Apple £5.75
Honeychop Garlic £6.10
Honeychop Original £5.75
Happy Hoof £12.25
Graze On £8.85
Dengie Alfa A Oil £13.20
Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free £13.50
Dengie Alfa A Original £12.80
Dengie HIFI Senior £12.25
Dengie HIFI Light £10.55
Dengi HIFI Molasses Free £12.00
Dengie HIFI Original £11.20
Allen and Page Fast Fibre £10.45
Allen and Page Veteran Vitality £11.45
Allen and Page Calm and Condition £13.45
RB Mash (Green) £10.45
RB Mash (Blue) £12.15
Spillers Senior Fibre 20kg £11.75
New Product POA
Spillers Cool Mix 20kg £10.50
Spillers Hi Fibre Cube 20kg £9.30
RB Mash(Red) £14.50
Spillers Conditioning Fibre £12.50
Spillers Slow Release Cubes 20kg £10.80
Spillers Horse and Pony Cubes 20kg £9.00
Bearts Happy Horse Mix 20kg £7.60
Bearts Happy Horse Cubes 20kg £6.70
Safe and Sound £11.85
Dodson and Horrell Build Up cubes 20kg £11.70
Dodson and Horrell 16+ cubes 20kg £11.60
Dodson and Horrell 16+ Mix 20kg £13.50
Dodson and Horrell Competition Mix POA
Dodson and Horrell Pasture Cubes 20kg £10.00
Dodson and horrell Pasture Mix 20kg £11.05
New Product POA
Horse Misc.

This page was last updated on 14 October 2014