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Wild Bird

We stock a huge range of wild bird feed at very competitive prices. We sell all types of feed loose by the kilo or in 12.5kg and 20kg sacks. Every product that is sold loose is available in a larger sack. We pride oursevles in supplying the best range of bird seeds at the best value. Our wild bird seeds start at only 65p/kilo

We also have fat balls, suet and mealworms. There is also a good range of feeders, bird tables and accessories available.

Cage & Aviary Birds

Parrot & Small Bird House – We stock a variety of mixes both loose and in pre-pack, every product sold loose is available in 20kg sacks also. We have a large range of treats with prices starting at just 45p . There is a large stock of toys including those useful for the foraging and chewing needs of larger parrots. 

We stock Van Der L HP Economy pigeon food, more brands are available to order 

Here are some of the products we stock. Where possible we try to buy in on special deals, so the prices may differ from time to time but we always try to offer the best value.

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Cage & Aviary Birds Size/Qty Price
Misc. Items
Sold Loose
Egg Food POA
Millet Sprays POA
Mealworms POA
Monkey Nuts POA
Crushed Peanuts POA
Peanuts POA
Striped Sunflower Seeds POA
Black Sunflower Seeds POA
Sunflower Hearts POA
Robin and Song Bird Mix POA
Husk Free Wild Bird Seed POA
Fruity Wild Bird Seed POA
Premium Wild Bird Seed POA
Wild Bird Seed POA
Grits POA
Sand POA
Exotic Parrot POA
Standard Parrot POA
Dove Mix POA
Foreign Finch POA
Cockatiel POA
Mixed Canary and Egg POA
Canary POA
Budgie Tonic POA
Standard Budgie POA
Sprouting Seed
Wild Bird Seed & Straights
Van Der L Premium Wild Bird Seed £11.95
Bamfords Wild Bird Seed 20kg £9.75

This page was last updated on 29 April 2014